Tucker McCravy was born in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A., where he lived for 18 years through completion of his high school studies.  He then matriculated at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where he worked towards a double major with the Romance Languages Department in French and English studies.  Tucker spent a semester studying in Paris with the University, and upon his return submitted his senior thesis entitled "Exposed to the Sun," a collection of short stories by French author Jean Cayrol.  Tucker returned to Columbia after graduating from Wesleyan University and assumed a position as a technical support specialist for a local computer software systems firm.  He there acquired IT skills in networking, graphic and desktop design, web publishing, database management, digital and video photography.  Tucker applied to the Peace Corps in 1994 and was assigned to Sri Lanka, where he taught and lived for 3 years.  His various capacities as a volunteer included: English teacher trainer, secondary school teacher, and consultant to the English Department at the local Ministry of Education. Serendib was born in Sri Lanka with the organization and planning by Tucker and his colleagues of the country's first ever island wide Residential English Education Camp held in 1996.   This program has continued annually with the support of Serendib, and has since spread to Thailand as well.  In addition, Tucker initiated the sport of Ultimate Frisbee into Sri Lanka with a grant administered by the U.S. Peace Corps, and conducted numerous teacher trainings and tournaments for local area schools in Sabaragamuwa Province.  In 1997 Tucker relocated to Kodaikkanal, India, where he taught the National Open School curriculum in a village at a private institution named Sholai School.  He instructed first generation learners for one school semester in biology, history, mathematics, and social sciences.  After six months in India, Tucker accepted a post with the AEON Intercultural Corporation in Kasugai, Japan.  He assumed duties as a private English language tutor for groups ranging from 2 to 8 students, and an in age from 2 years to 45 years old.  Tucker taught in Japan from 1999-2000, and also served as a teacher trainer for his Japanese colleagues at the language school.  During his tenure in Japan, he was able to visit the Fiji islands for a vacation, and afterwards, decided to continue his holidays in Australia, where he completed an extensive cycling tour in Victoria and New South Wales.  In Australia, Tucker was offered the position of English Language Instructor at Rajabhat Institute Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya (R.I.P.A.) in Thailand.  He immediately accepted, and shortened his vacation to assume duties as a foreign instructor there in the fall of 2000.  He taught university-level students there seeking their degrees in English, English Education, and Business English.  Tucker's course load included such classes as: Listening and Speaking, Mass Media and Communications, Information Technology, and Writing.  During his stay at R.I.P.A, Tucker collaborated with a local Thai teacher to plan and organize the first English Education Camp for the students of R.I.P.A.  The program, like its counterpart in Sri Lanka, has continued to this day and eight major Camps (as well as dozens of mini-Camps) have been organized for the benefit of students in this country.  Tucker left Thailand in 2001 at the end of his one-year contract to assume duties as a Teacher for Africa with the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help in Djougou, Benin, West Africa.  He worked closely with his African colleagues as a Teacher for Africa at the local Community Education Resource Center to conduct IT trainings for teachers, creative arts sessions for children, and improve the level of English language proficiency in village schools far removed from the village center.  Together with his counterpart, Tucker visited over 3 dozen schools throughout the region, introducing English language, the sport of Frisbee, and digital technology through the medium of photography.  These children continue to benefit to this day through the efforts and funding of Serendib.  Also, the Girls Scholarship Program was born in Natitingou, Benin, as an initiative driven by Serendib-USA to help provide young girls in Benin with the finances to continue their education.  In March 2002, as a result of an illness in the family, Tucker returned home to the United States.  Shortly thereafter he assumed full time duties as president and executive director of Serendib, and currently oversees operations of the organization both in the U.S. and overseas.  Tucker is 32 years old and unmarried; he has four sisters who live in South Carolina.  He presently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is pursuing a Master's of Education degree in International Education Policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.