Dear Arjan Tucker,

   I 've changed my mind for going to the English Camp because I would like to meet you and everyone at the camp, but you've change your mind for not coming to Thailand and the English camp! funny!! Well, it's ok.I hope to see you again next year ,I guess. I hope it's going to be so much fun.

A few days ago, I went to the primary school with Ajarn Somjet and many of the staff. We went there to organize the English Day camp for 2 days.  And I would have to say that it was so much fun. Tired but fun. Many of the students thought that I came from the Institute ( do I look that old?!!) and we were singing many songs and do a lot of action song and played many games.  And after the camp, all the kids went home.  I was just sitting there and thinking that I felt so tired but felt really proud of my self.  I felt so proud because I had always been wondering Why does Ajarn Somjet have to do so many camps and some schools are really far away.  But after the camp people get better in English, feel more confident  in using English, and go home with a big smile or some even cry about leaving. I think the camp has so many good things that happen on this planet.....( sorry but I really can't explain how glad I feel ).... it's not just a Camp, it's more than that. It can even make world peace.  People start to know each other and become  good friends.Nans Text wow... I've fallen in love with the English camp, I think.

I 'm happy that I used all my time doing good things during the school vacation. In the camp you sing, dance, meet people,  even you have to sing the same songs all over again and again, but it's much better than just sitting at home and watching TV or doing some boring things at home to make you feel lazy.

Anyway, this has been a long letter as you asked for. and I still keep practicing my writing.  Sorry if it's a bit confusing. I will go to the camp in the next few days and I promise I will tell you all about the Camp.  I love writing and I also check my e-mail everyday so you can write to me anytime.