If you would like to learn more information about the job opportunities available for qualified teachers through Serendib - Thailand, please send your CV and a photograph to applications@serendib.us

We have paid positions starting at 25,000 per baht for ten (10) month contracts in primary and secondary schools throughout Thailand.  We also have openings available in university settings.

At present we have teaching positions available at:


We require at least a B.A. from an accredited university, with some teaching experience a helpful but not necessary qualification.

The program provides a three month prior training in Ayutthaya with guaranteed placement at the end of the initiation.  This training consists of classroom observations, practice teaching in Thai classrooms as teaching assistants, visiting primary and secondary schools, participating in English Camps, joining the local university students in extracurricular activities, and attending cultural events and festivals.

Joining this program is free of charge, but trainees will be responsible for their own food and accommodation (approximately $200 - $300 per month).  The staff of Serendib-Thailand and Language Services will help facilitate your visa and work permit.  After the project's completion, you will be given a certificate to certify your teaching experiences.  In addition, you will receive a letter of reference and a guaranteed paid teaching position in one of the above schools in our Teachers for Thailand network.

Trainings take place year round, and schools are accepting applications for foreign teachers on a rolling basis.  All applicants please contact us through applications@serendib.us for further details.